....Just really having fun while working hard!!!


Yeah, I know I missed posting on a lesson or two, but here I am. :-)

Just had a good workout, but a blast, yesterday during my instrument lesson.
Today we did more power-off/on stalls, slow flight, controlled
ascents/descents at various target airspeeds/climb/descent rates.  Today I
did my first 'steep' turns as an instrument student.  Just as was true when
doing them for my basic PP-ASEL, you really have to keep your scan going
when you are under the hood (in this case Foggles - really like them!) doing
steep turns.  I did the predictable thing, that is I was nailing the bank
and altitude but forgot all about the heading I was to turn out at.  I flew
some partial panel and at one point using the magnetic compass to fly
headings since my heading indicator had been 'failed' with a no-peeky.
Geez, I hate <wink> that darned magnetic compass.  You have to remember to
turn 'opposite' the direction you think that you would turn to reach a
desired heading (of course only the perspective is reversed, because you are
reading the compass 'from the back', per se).  Also, I was picking my brain
trying to remember the lead/lag rules for compasses based on which direction
you are changing heading from.  Well the no-peeky multiplied and before I
knew it I had several instruments 'failed',,, strangely enough, for some
maneuvers,, I did better with a partial panel <grin>.

At the risk of sounding like one of those 'new age' crystal-chanting
Californians <GRIN> that live in my neck of the 'woods' out here in Northern
California, there is (for lack of a better way to explain it) a very 'Zen'
experience with flying instruments.  I noticed some periods of time where I
was just scanning and looking where I should,,, just maintaining all the
parameters that I should... It would just happen and I was relaxed.....
Then I would try to 'reassert' myself into the process and things would
start to go awry.  Reminds me of this one PE course credit that I had to
take in college (to meet the PE part of the general ed requirements) - we
learned how to juggle, walk a tightrope, etc....  The part of the class that
reminds me of the instrument 'Zen' experience was learning to walk the
tightrope (albeit, just a few feet above the ground); when you tried to
assert yourself into the process of balancing on the rope,,,, 'the rope'
would fight you all the way,,, but if you allowed yourself to relax into the
rope it became as solid as if you were walking on firm ground.  Indeed, I
have the found the latter to be a parallel that I could apply to many
aspects of my life.

Great day!  I can hardly wait for my next lesson!!!!
Good Flights!

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