Hee.. Hee... Hee...  I am having too much fun!

My First Solo Cross-Country

  July 18, 2000

  Last Friday, I did my first solo x-country from RHV to APC (Reid-Hillview airport-San Jose, CA to Napa Airport, CA).  Nothing but fun and joy,,, I planned my route to the 'Nth' degree so it was an easy route to fly.  Now this is not to say that it all flowed smooth as silk, but the overall experience went just fine.  I have one more (long) cross-country to do and then I begin the checkride drills to prepare me for the big day (Scheduled as Sept 1rst).  For my second x-country I may fly from RHV to San Luis Obispo airport... it will finish the rest of my x-country requirements and then 'back to work' on brushing up flying skills for the checkride (tremble, tremble....)  

Mt. Diablo in the distance

Heading for Benicia Bridge

Concord (CCR) Airport with Mt. Diablo in the distance.



On the ground at Napa Airport (APC)

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