Passed the 1,000 Hour Mark! 

August 2007,

Well, of course once I passed 1,000 total flight hours, it required a cake! :)  I passed my 500th hour of flight instruction (about 700 hours when you count ground instruction given too) given as a CFI, just a few weeks earlier.  At the beginning of August, I also completed my first year as a flight instructor.

I've really meant to post something but it has been quite busy.  I'm instructing 6 days a week, full-time and I love every minute of it!  As I was telling one person that was asking me how I was enjoying flight instruction and I told them that is easily one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I've ever done.

Although I'm taking the 'slow boat to China' route, I'm also working on my CFI-I.

It's so funny; when I started and had that first hour in my logbook when I was first learning to fly, I never conceived of having 1,000 hours and over 3,000 takeoffs and landings.  Every step has been so rewarding all along the way!


Good Flights!

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